Packaging Symbols

Medical devices - Symbols, markings and information required for labels on medical devices Part 1: General requirements (ISO 15223-1: 2021). This part of ISO 15223 specifies the requirements for symbols for the use of medical devices. The symbols provide information about the safety and use of the products.

The regulation relates to a wide range of medical devices that are marketed globally and therefore have to meet various regulatory requirements. The symbols can be used on the medical device itself, on the packaging or on an associated document.

Instructions for use

Warning (also found on : To avoid the risk of suffocation, keep the product away from babies and children. Product is flammable / combustible. For your own safety, keep product away from smoke and flames.

Do not reuse - indicates a medical device for single use and for use on a patient.

Manufacturer - indicates the manufacturer of the medical device, as specified in EU directives 2017/745 and 2017/746. The name and address of the manufacturer are also given.

The Green Dot - is a globally protected license symbol and is mainly used in Europe as a symbol for participation in an industry-financed dual collection and recycling system.

Do not throw away in the toilet.

Do not throw away in the toilet.

Latex free.

Packaging material - indicates that the packaging is made of low density polyethylene.

CE marking - In order to be able to sell medical products within the EU, they need a CE marking.

The CE mark defines minimum standards for performance, quality, safety and effectiveness of a product according to EU guidelines.

Medical Device

UK Conformity Assessed – Symbol used for products placed on the market in Great Britain.

Swiss Authorised Representative